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Defirst, is committed to manufacturing and exporting durable safety debris netting of high density polyethylene monofilaments, coated chemical fiber, nylon, plastic and other materials.



Our Products: HDPE Debris Netting, Fine Mesh Knitted Debris Nets, Fire Retardant Netting, Construction Safety Netting, Scaffold Netting, Fall Protection Scaffold Enclosure Barriers, Protection Netting of Vertical Construction and Horizontal Construction Safety……

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We have first-class production equipment, strong R&D capability, rich experiences and full inspection means to provide full range of debris netting products for worldwide customers.


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Add: 11 Jianshe Street, Dezhou, China
E-mail: sales@debrisnetting.org
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Welcome To Defirst' Export & manufacturing website.

This website provides information about debris netting materials, sizes, colors, prices and purchase conditions.

Defirst offers debris netting and scaffold netting for construction safety made of 100% virgin material (HDPE ), PE, PP, coated polyester and nylon. The mesh materials can be flame retardant or not at options. UV treated to achieve extended working time.

We are a construction debris netting company based in China. We offer debris netting for buildings under construction, mainly debris netting in roll 2mx50m, green color, in roll 2mx50m, blue color, 2Mx10M, yellow, 8ft wide x 100ft long, high density polyethylene debris netting, rolls of black construction debris netting 12’ by 150’ long and yellow fire retardant debris netting. We provide plastic (HDPE) mesh for construction safety netting( preventing debris falling againt wind and dust), and perimeter safety fencing for construction projects.

High mesh density allows our debris net to prevent falling construction tools or materials, make sure the safety of construction workers and pedestrian.

With good air permeability and allowing enough daylight for construction site, Defirst Debris Netting can also maintain the cleaning of the building.

Our Featured Products: Fine Mesh Fire Retardant High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Monofilament Knitted Debris Netting

Made of 100% virgin HDPE monofilament uv treated, this debris netting is flexible, durable, strong, acid resistant and flame retardant. Suitable to be used as horizontal safety netting during construction of high buildings. Its special property enables safe electric welding operation under moist conditions. The fine mesh knitted structure allows it to catch heavy or light debris or falling articles from higher places and to reduce injuries may caused.

HDPE Scaffold Debris Netting Fabric is also light, ventilate. It can allow air and light through, block wind, enclose the construction site and keep it clean.

Materials:HDPE, PP, PE or Chemical Fiber
Mesh ≥2000 mesh per 100 square cm
Anti Crashing Strength, Anti Cracking Strength, Anti-Fire Property: All meeting or exceed relative Chinese standard. Can meet specific international standards upon request.

Construction Safety barrier;
Scaffolding enclosure;
Fall Protection netting;
Wind breaking net;
Dust proof;
Noise reducing in construction site;
Anti bird netting;
Flame retardant mesh;
Other safety and fencing uses.


Flame Retardant Debris Net

Debris net, high strength construction safety netting manufactured from high density polyethylene monofilaments...

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HDPE Debris Scaffolding Netting

Cost effective light weight durable HDPE debris nets for building construction safety barrier and wind blocking screen

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Construction Safety Netting

Two installation types:
Horizontal safety construction
Vertical safety construction

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Vertical Debris Net

Designed to circle the building site to prevent falling debris or other articles

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Fine Mesh HDPE Debris Netting

Building safety net. Material:100% Virgin HDPE+3% uv., debris catching and shading fabric

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Construction Safety Net

Light, medium and heavy duty Construction Netting fabrics to catch debris and ensure perimeter security of construction sites

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Metal mesh panels with support bar reinforcement
Fall Protection Netting Barrier

New Type! Perforated Metal Mesh Sheet with Reinforcement Frame, to replace non-metal protection netting, sound insulation and noise reduction,for scaffolding enclosure and fencing systems.

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Debris Safety Scaffold Mesh
Construction Scaffolding Net

Debris Scaffold Netting is made with durable virgin HDPE material, windbreaking, dust control, sun shading, securing falling safety...

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Plastic and Nylon Netting

Plastic mesh can be used for safety fence netting, bird control, turf netting, hail netting, flexible wind dust net......

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